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As online marketing specialists, we can help you achieve growth by providing client specific strategies to drive qualified traffic and increase online sales.

The growth of any online business is supported by 3 key strategies: customer acquisition, customer retention and customer experience. In order to execute these strategies, we focus on affiliate marketing (customer acquisition), email marketing (customer retention) and website optimization (customer experience).

With extensive knowledge in all three areas, we can help you produce optimum results through careful planning and analysis.


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Email Marketing

Email has been proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools in driving online sales. It is imperative to integrate email marketing efforts within the context of an overall customer strategy that interacts with a customer how and when that customer prefers.

Effectively managing a customer’s experience, an individual’s total interactions with a brand, requires tailoring email campaign content based on an individual’s needs. Understanding customer needs drives insight into why the customer buys, not just what they buy. In this way, email marketing campaigns act not only as sales tools, but as building blocks for long lasting relationships with greater profits.


Affiliate Marketing

In simple terms, Affiliate Marketing is a pay-for-performance program where online partners advertise your products or services. When traffic referred by the affiliate results in a sale, the affiliate is paid a commission. Affiliate Marketing is a powerful way to build qualified traffic and grow sales, and to extend the reach of your brand. 

A successful affiliate program is dependent upon recruiting and retaining the best affiliates for your business. It is vital to understand how affiliates fit into your overall marketing mix.


Website Optimization

An important step in maximizing any online marketing efforts is to ensure your web site is engaging, as issues here will result in issues across all online marketing channels.  In order to make sure our visitors have an optimal experience, we must ensure that the site is as easy to navigate as possible and that best practices for web site usability are met.

Our team



We have been lucky enough to have a very diverse group of clients covering ten different industries with experience building successful strategies for small companies to large corporations. For each client we worked on various components of their online marketing to help them achieve their specific business goals.

Why choose ebove & beyond?

Lean & Mean

We are small, but watch out we are powerful. Don't let the size of the company fool you. After working in an advertising agency in the mid-90s I very quickly realized that the big agency model is not for me. There's no personal, hands on approach…it's much more cookie cutter and clients are seen more as a way to pay bills than as business partners. As a result, I have purposely kept ebove & beyond a small boutique, this allows us to select the best clients and also to focus on a smaller group enabling us the environment to build a strong business relationship.


Our team brings over 30 years of ecommerce experience to the table. This includes such key roles as Director of ecommerce as well as a 3 year stint working with Amazon. Beyond the experience that our individual team members bring, the company overall has been around 10 years. This speaks volumes in terms of the quality of service we provide and the success we have achieved for our clients over the years. Not to mention we survived the good old economic downturn of 2008 and we are still flying high!

True Partnership

As previously mentioned, we do not employ the ol' cookie cutter approach to working with our clients. Each client is different in terms of brand, demographics, product buying cycle, specific key performance indicators (KPIs), and business model. Therefore we make it our goal to know the client's business as well as they do and in some cases, even better. For this reason, we do not advertise as a means of generating new business. We are referral based, this way we know the potential client is more likely to be a good match for us and allows us to pick our business partners.


We have a proven track record that reflects our expertise in both online marketing and servicing our clients. We have experience using a variety of platforms and software programs. In addition, Jennifer Myers Ward has written articles published in Feedfront Magazine and presented at several online marketing events.

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