“I worked with ebove & beyond for roughly 2 years prior to moving on from Steiner Sports.  We had a few affiliate program managers, both internally and externally, prior to them.  What Jen and her team were able to do was quite honestly very impressive and exceeded what I was expecting from them.

Our affiliate program was bringing in 3-4% of our revenue month over month before Jen and eBove took over.  When I left in September 2014, they were consistently driving a good deal of our new customer acquisitions and around 25% of our monthly revenues.  This was also over a period of substantial growth (60% profitability, 35% overall sales growth during the same span) so it's not as if those numbers are skewed.  

They are extremely responsive; they have a fantastic ability to get you placed where you want on premium sites and blogs.  Additionally, they aren't really a "junior" company.  What I mean by that is they have relationships with the people who make decisions not just account managers.

They always exceeded my expectations.  They had no problem helping us chase down tough goals and always put the time and care into helping us build our brand and revenue. This is why I was confident in bring in ebove & beyond when I moved to Dylan’s Candy Bar.  They have been able to produce triple digit growth in our affiliate program here year over year and are extremely ambitious in their program management.”

Kevin Cohen
Director of Ecommerce
Dylan’s Candy Bar

“Since Steiner Sports started working with ebove and beyond in 2013; they have taken the initiative to truly understand our products, business model, and target demographic. They have been able to successfully use this information to add targeted bloggers that produce results. 

Additionally, ebove & beyond has been able to bring Steiner Sports new technologies that netted us 102% YoY growth from our first year efforts. While ebove & beyond always focuses on helping Steiner Sports obtain new sources of revenue, they have always focused on acquiring new customers, becoming cost effective and providing timely support that has proven to be unmatched. 

Ebove & Beyond has been a pleasure to work with and on many different levels and truly has shown Steiner Sports how effective their business can be.”

Daniel Harris
E-Commerce Manager
Steiner Sport

“We have been working and Jen and her team for almost 7 years now.  During this time I have seen sales and ROI grow along with my complete confidence in ebove & beyond.  

Jen and her team make previously unpleasant tasks like email marketing and affiliate marketing totally easy and completely painless.  My entire team really enjoys working with the team at ebove & beyond and I enjoy the increased sales.  I would recommend and have recommended ebove & beyond to any other business owners or marketers looking for a top level agency.”

Michael Andrews
Beauty Store Depo