The Affiliate Marketing Industry, My 'Happy' Place

As Friday afternoon comes to a close, I sit back reviewing my week in my mind and reflecting on how much I truly enjoy my job.  It's hard to believe after 20 years in this industry and 14 years of having my own agency, I still get excited by our client successes and the opportunities to help new clients unlock the potential of their online business.  I actually still get giddy. I think that's a good sign!  

As I think about it all, before switching gears for a weekend with my family, I am reminded of a recent honor that ebove & beyond received a few weeks ago in Las Vegas at Affiliate Summit West 2017.  ebove & beyond was presented with the prestigious Pinnacle Award for OPM/Agency of the Year for 2017. 

I was completely surprised when the winner was announced, not because we aren't successful at what we do or that we don't work as hard as possible, but because we are a small, boutique firm that tends to 'fly under the radar'.  I was beyond words (pun intended) and was, admittedly, a little choked up.  I think you can get a feel for how shocked and humbled I was when you watch this video of the awards ceremony.  A huge thank you again to @missyward @shawncollins and @affiliatesummit!

The 11th annual Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards, which recognize exemplary affiliate marketers, were held at Affiliate Summit West 2017, which took place January 15-17, 2017 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.