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Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools in driving online sales. It is imperative to integrate email marketing efforts with an overall customer strategy that interacts with a customer when, where and how each customer prefers.

Effectively managing a customer’s experience requires tailoring email content and timing to an individual’s needs, understanding when and why the customer buys, not just what they buy. In this way, email marketing campaigns act not only as sales tools, but as building blocks for long lasting relationships with greater customer satisfaction and increased profits.


Affiliate Marketing

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a pay-for-performance program where online partners promote your products or services. When traffic referred by the affiliate results in a sale, the affiliate is paid a commission. Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to build qualified traffic to your site, grow online sales, and extend the reach of your brand. 

A successful affiliate program is dependent upon recruiting, supporting, and retaining the best affiliates for your business. It's a unique relationship between affiliates and your brand and a well-managed affiliate program will enhance your overall marketing mix.