“I worked with ebove & beyond for roughly 2 years prior to moving on from Steiner Sports.  We had a few affiliate program managers, both internally and externally, prior to them.  What Jen and her team were able to do was quite honestly very impressive and exceeded what I was expecting from them.

Our affiliate program was bringing in 3-4% of our revenue month over month before Jen and ebove took over.  When I left in September 2014, they were consistently driving a good deal of our new customer acquisitions and around 25% of our monthly revenues.  This was also over a period of substantial growth (60% profitability, 35% overall sales growth during the same span) so it's not as if those numbers are skewed.  

They are extremely responsive; they have a fantastic ability to get you placed where you want on premium sites and blogs.  Additionally, they aren't really a "junior" company.  What I mean by that is they have relationships with the people who make decisions, not just account managers.

They always exceeded my expectations.  They had no problem helping us chase down tough goals and always put the time and care into helping us build our brand and revenue. This is why I was confident in bring in ebove & beyond when I moved to Dylan’s Candy Bar.  They have been able to produce triple digit growth in our affiliate program here year over year and are extremely ambitious in their program management.”

Kevin Cohen
Director of Ecommerce
Steiner Sports and Dylan’s Candy Bar, Client

“Since Steiner Sports started working with ebove & beyond in 2013, they have taken the initiative to truly understand our products, business model, and target demographic. They have been able to successfully use this information to add targeted bloggers that produce results. 

Additionally, ebove & beyond has been able to bring Steiner Sports new technologies that netted us 102% YoY growth from our first year efforts. While ebove & beyond always focuses on helping Steiner Sports obtain new sources of revenue, they have also focused on acquiring new customers, becoming cost effective and providing timely support that has proven to be unmatched. 

ebove & beyond has been a pleasure to work with on many different levels and truly has shown Steiner Sports how effective their business can be.”

Daniel Harris
E-Commerce Manager
Steiner Sport, Client

“We have been working and Jen and her team for almost 7 years now.  During this time I have seen sales and ROI grow along with my complete confidence in ebove & beyond.  

Jen and her team make previously unpleasant tasks like email marketing and affiliate marketing totally easy and completely painless.  My entire team really enjoys working with the team at ebove & beyond and I enjoy the increased sales.  I would recommend and have recommended ebove & beyond to any other business owners or marketers looking for a top level agency.”

Michael Andrews
Beauty Store Depot, Client

"I have so much love for Jen, Ann and the team at ebove & beyond. Not only have they been invaluable in helping me wade through the affiliate space as a newcomer, but they've been integral in helping me succeed within the industry. I know they're available and willing to help me in many facets, whether it's to discuss strategy, promotions or to troubleshoot issues. Beyond that, though, I consider them friends, which only increases the value of our work relationship."

Christen Moynihan
Broke-Ass-Bride & Bourbon & Sparkle, Affiliate


"The team at ebove & beyond is a pleasure to work with! They are dedicated, articulate, and experts in the field of affiliate marketing. From the moment we started working together they championed our business and made us feel as though we were their top priority. 

ebove & beyond delivered results far beyond our expectations—they created a tailored plan for our ecommerce business, worked closely with us to ensure any marketing collateral reflected our brand, and consistently delivered on time and on budget.  We were constantly delighted with the professional yet easy manner with which we were treated. I cannot say enough about our wonderful working relationship with this amazing team.

Thank you Jen and ebove & beyond for all your effort and encouragement!"

Katy Papadopoulos
Owner & President
SheLuvsTech Enterprises Inc., Client

"Being in the position of an Affiliate Network, we often refer our merchants to OPM companies – ebove & beyond is always at the top of our list.  Here’s why…
The ebove & beyond team, under the incredible leadership of Jen Meyers Ward, humbly personifies the fundamental core of our industry – relationships.  They take the time to get to know you (and your team) on a personal level; always. They cohesively roll up their sleeves and get under the hood to understand the make-up of their merchant client and the client’s objectives with their affiliate program to help identify areas of growth.  The superior expertise, grit, responsiveness and strategic approach provided is always exceptional.  Their team creates a customized roadmap and steers the way for achieving lasting results.  Whether it's launching a new program or accelerating an existing one, the collaboration and execution with the ebove & beyond team consistently exceeds our expectations. LinkConnector proudly championed their nomination for OPM of the Year."

Tara McCommons
VP of Sales and Marketing
LinkConnector Corporation, Industry Partner

“Thank you for all you do! We are excited for the new year with ebove & beyond!

On the affiliate side, within our first 4 months of launching the program, we are generating 25- 30% of total online revenue and order volume from the affiliate program.

Out of our Top 20 producing affiliates we are using a variety of affiliate types including PPC affiliates, cart abandonment affiliates, a couple of select coupon affiliates and 15 niche blog affiliates.

On the email side, the email program represents between 15-20% of the total online business and we have seen a 33% list growth in the past 4 months due to our new "welcome" email campaign.”

Athena Suich
The Sox Box, Client

"We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with ebove & beyond for several years now. Their partnership is a valuable resource for us to optimize our interaction and dialogue with our industry. They are a great agency who are not only flexible, efficient and professional but a group of people who really care about delivering results." 

Tabitha Rivera & Jessica Anderson
VE Interactive, Affiliate

“I have worked with Ann Schneider in the affiliate space for many years and she is one of the best. When I heard that she was moving over to ebove & beyond I was confident that this quality company was just going to continue to grow as one of the best OPM's in the affiliate marketing arena. The attention to detail and high level of service that each advertiser receives from this company is top-notch."

Jennifer Goodwin
Sr. Partner Development Manager
Coupons.com / Definitive Deals, Affiliate

“Working with ebove & beyond to assist our merchant partners in reaching their goals is truly a pleasure. Their team always has a fast turnaround time, so we're able to help our partners achieve what's desired in as close to real time as possible. This is a real testament to their people, who always have an amazing attitude and are a joy to work with!”

Sean Yoon McDevitt
Partner Manager
Offers.com, Affiliate

“We came to ebove & beyond with some tough goals and they far surpassed them. We launched in October and throughout the holiday season they accounted for 11% of our total revenue. The conversion rate from this program is much higher than our average and we also see a strong AOV. A lot of the program's success can be attributed to the team - namely Ann - who is out there pounding the pavement for us every day, bringing on new partners, getting us exclusive placements and negotiating great deals. Jen and Ann are always available to jump on a call to review numbers, brainstorm ideas, and offer advice. I've had a wonderful experience working with them and look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

Adrienne Rhodes
Director of Marketing
Fab.com, Client

“Best OPM out there, hands down.  I'm a network representative and I've worked with nearly all of the OPMs in the industry.  There is NO ONE out there that puts the amount of effort into growing merchant campaigns that ebove & beyond does.”

Wes Carnes
Account Manager
LinkConnector, Industry Partner