Bren McIntosh Duvall

Senior Account Strategist

Bren has over 9 years of retail experience, and 7 years of internet marketing and design experience. She has run successful campaigns through email, shopping comparison, affiliate marketing, and pay per click.

In addition to working with ebove & beyond, Bren owns and operates Pica & Pixel LLC, a small business with a focus on print and web graphic design, including email campaign design, website layout, and logo design.

Prior to starting Pica & Pixel LLC, Bren worked at Naturals of Ashland, first as a Retail Manager and Buyer, and then as the Website Manager. She performed customer service and sales, employee training, event organization, and product display. She also initiated and maintained a direct mailing campaign, organized a catalog production, and was responsible for coordinating daily website maintenance and organization, including design, layout, and navigation concepts for website updates.

Bren holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in fiber art and textiles from Truman State University, Kirksville, MO.

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